Chloe Naughton

Architecture STudio, australia

Chloe Naughton


north queensland, australia

Inverdon House

Inverdon House is home to a soon-to-be retired couple who wished for a low-maintenance, easy to live in, cyclone and flood-proof house. The primary material of masonry is celebrated and exposed inside and out. This house embraces the local tropical climate, opening up to the elements and has transformed the way the clients live.


gold coast, queensland, australia

Kind Curations

Kind Curations is a contemporary homewares, fashion and accessories boutique, part of the Cornerstone Stores on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast. This store fitout project was designed in collaboration with Daniel Wilson Studio. The design aims to both display and store pieces in a beautiful and pragmatic way working with a tight space.  This is achieved through the use of a single material so as to not take away from any item and by incorporating storage into the display joinery.



magnetic island, north queensland, australia

Lagoon House


Adjacent a natural lagoon and eucalypt forest, the design focus for this permanent residence was towards minimal intervention.  Mirroring the materiality of the vast holiday shacks on the island, this house features materials of a lightweight nature, embodying the natural tones of the nearby eucalypt trees.  The site hosts abundant birdlife and there is a wildlife sanctuary nearby.  It is not uncommon to walk through a swarm of butterflies here and if you have a sharp eye, you can sometimes catch a koala up a tree.   This home utilises simple passive design principles to successfully work harmoniously with the local climate, subtly blending into the bushy landscape.


Lima, Peru, South America

Peru, South America

In 2018, I moved to Lima, Peru where I worked for internationally acclaimed architecture practice Barclay & Crousse. I travelled throughout the country taking great joy in studying the vernacular architecture of regional Peru traversing diverse landscapes from coast to desert to mountain to jungle.

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